Saturday, February 16, 2008

Don't Buy VIORE

This is a friendly public service message: An old college buddy of mine, Josh Rose, has had a terrible customer service experience with a company named VIORE. He purchased one of their 42" Plasma TVs a little over a year ago, and it stopped working right after his 1-year warranty expired. Josh has tried to contact them, but they've done nothing but give him the run-around. In fact, he's had so much trouble with VIORE that he's decided to create a nice little website in their honor titled I Hate VIORE. For the good of all consumers, I strongly urge you to read his story.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Cast Your Vote!

Hello, friends. Super Tuesday is here, and it is your duty as a citizen of the United States to vote. I believe most/all polls are open until 7:00PM, so there's still time. No excuses! Don't let work get in the way either. Did you know that it's illegal for your employer to keep you from voting? Yes, they're required by law to allow employees ample time to vote. :) Anyway, if you're not registered it's too late for this go around. However, do what you can to get registered for the presidential elections in November. It's very simple. You can even do it at your local DMV. Here's some voter registration info for my fellow Missourians. If you live somewhere else, just search Google for voter registration. There are some very important issues surrounding the elections this year: The sinking economy and our devaluing dollar, spending, illegal immigration, and the war on terror/Iraq war...among a few others. Do your best to educate yourselves on the issues, and be careful while listening to the mainstream media. Whether it's CNN or MSNBC, which are more biased to the left; or Fox News, which is more biased to the right...they're all biased. Don't just let your vote default to the most popular candidate. Rather, make voting a true conscious decision. Vote for your candidate because you have taken the time to find out where he stands on the particular issues. The best way to do this is to look at that person's voting record while in office. Those records speak volumes, and they reveal the true nature/intent of the candidate. Remember, as you leave to go to the polls today, don't forget to bring your voter card and some identification like a driver's license (Bring two forms of ID just incase). Thank you for getting out there to vote!