Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Hearty List of Some Common Errors in English

Some of you may be surprised while perusing the following list (CLICK HERE). I know I've learned a few things. Heck, until now, I wasn't aware that peruse actually means "examine thoroughly" and not "glance over hastily," as it is most commonly used. I feel that this has, somehow, revolutionized my life. Well, maybe not. Nevertheless, I highly recommend reading through it. Besides, in the off chance you do learn something, you'll immediately recognize it when someone uses that word/phrase incorrectly...and that, my friends, will drive you mad (hopefully). Like fingernails on a chalkboard. Priceless. Hey! I bet our dear friend, Nathan Sanders, could even learn a thing or two...and his command of the English language is already quite impressive. That's sayin' something!

1 comment:

ZackMan said...

'pore over' is a good one too. But maybe most people already know that means a careful look and not a hasty one.