Tuesday, January 15, 2008

FDA To OK Food Derived From Cloned Animals...

Something about that doesn't bode well with me. I firmly believe that eating all natural, preferably USDA certified organic, food is the healthiest way to go. I know a few of you see eye to eye with me here. People were not meant to ingest genetically altered, pesticide laden, artificially fertilized, steroid/antibiotic/hormone injected foods. I could go on and on, (and I really want to) but I'm posting this from work; and time is of the essence! :)
If you're interested read here: Washington Post Article.


bamboo said...

finally! i had a steak at a truck stop that was perfect. I never thought there'd be a chance for that same steak to show up again. Finally my dreams have come true!

Rose said...

I don't have strong feelings on the subject (you know I don't get excited about much :-p) However, I'm bored and feel like playing devil's advocate. Just to see your response.

I personally am on the see-food diet. I see food and I eat it. Only if its something that tastes good though. If that stuff made it taste bad, I'd be all organic too. Enough on that. Onto the debate!

Your argument sound's a little like an old man's. Man wasn't meant to fly! God didn't give him wings! Oh, but we have airplanes now.

Man wasn't meant to have sex and not have a kid follow, but we have birth control.

Medicines? Those aren't natural. Man should be left to his own immune system and see what happens. Maybe we're preventing deaths that should happen.

Those pesticides and antibiotics are the same thing. They prevent disease from being on your burger.

And...all that being said, I don't actually care one way or another about what you eat. All-natural or not, eat what you want. I'm just hoping to see an interesting response that I'm sure you're capable of giving ;-)

Tristan said...

It's been backed by years of research (although, the FDA won't back it...that's another story altogether). All of these unnatural additives in our food can quickly build up in our systems. These chemicals act as toxins causing our organs to function inefficiently, and over time they wear out faster. Plus, non-organic foods have significantly less nutrients than organic foods.

Take a look at some folks who adhere to all natural regiments...for example, the Seventh Day Adventists in California, or some communities in Okinawa Japan. These people are proven to live longer, and have healthier, more active lives than average Americans (in fact, just a few months ago National Geographic showcased an article on these groups). They have much higher life expectancy with an abnormal amount of people living into their 100's. Furthermore, their incidence of disease (especially cancers) is next to null. So, they don't just live longer, they also have a higher quality of life than those who don't adhere to the diet au natural.

These are not just isolated results either. Countries who accept/produce only all natural food have a much lower cancer rate than the US. Just look at Sri Lanka, Georgia, China...the list goes on and on. Do a few searches on Google. I'm sure you'll find some good info.

Anyway, I'm not trying to convince you. Rather, I'm just sharing my personal conviction based upon the research that I've read. Now go enjoy your chemically/genetically altered food! :P